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With Fiori Paris, a skincare and cosmetics company for women of every color , 21- year-old Raeesa Choonara a young , passionate entrepreneur, who saw the need for a breakthrough in a woman's makeup palette. the petite beauty is a budding entrepreneur and is on a mission to disrupt the beauty space. Choonara is just 21 years old but already holds an exceptional portfolio which includes her own cosmetics and make up company, a laser hair removal company as well as her own distribution company all running under the name Fiori Paris.


“I am an innovator driven by my passion for skincare and beauty. I want to provide the world with cost-effective skincare that actually does the job it's meant to do. I know that my products are of the highest quality, I believe in the concept that what you put in is what you get out. If you build your brand and products on just “good” structures and “good” systems that’s all that you will have, is a good company. I have invested the best service into my company, the best staff and most importantly the best quality productavailable.”


Raeesa says that the company is pro youth development and pro women empowerment. “I know what confidence we as women get from looking magnificent, I want my brand to be utopia for women. I want women to wake up every morning being more ambitious, more hard working and more beautiful every single day so they can turn their dreams into reality.”


Choonara says her 5-year goal is to get Fiori Paris into cosmetic powerhouse company Sephora where her company will be showcased and sold internationally in countries like Dubai, Australia, England, France and the US. “Our brand can easily compete and be sold on an international level.” says Choonara.


Fiori Paris thanks Shashi Naidoo and beautiful clients for all the support, motivation , inspiration and believing in Fiori Paris